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Best Table of Contents Plugins For WordPress

It has happened to all of us that spend hours looking for specific information on websites and read long contents, but in the end, we cannot find the answers to our questions. Disappointment and confusion is the feeling that comes to us in such situations.

Fortunately, WordPress has found a solution to this situation and solved one of the biggest problems of Internet users. Table of content plugins is exactly what websites need to not only organized their content, but also gets visitors to the information they need.

Different types of WordPress table of content plugins optimize your website and add a unique feature without the need for programming knowledge or coding operations. Most of these plugins are easy to use and have pre-made sections. In fact, table of content plugins do the most part of your duty to categorize your content.

What Is Table Of Content Plugin?

You must have used the table of contents on Wikipedia by now. As you know, these tables of content not only save our time, they get us right on the point. Getting information through the Wikipedia table of contents is enjoyable too.

The table of content plugin provides tables similar to Wikipedia tables, and allows us to customize it. This kind of plugins plays an important role to Internet user’s access their desirable content. In fact, this plugin helps visitors to get all the information they need in the simplest and fast possible way.

Since creating a table of contents, using HTML code is time consuming and requires programming skills, WordPress  design ,release, expand, and update these plugin frequently.

Table Of Content Plugin Advantages

Some types of plugins that are designed and published by different people and companies have different features too. However, some options are common to almost all of these plugins. As a result, the table plugin of any kind, has significant advantages for the WordPress website and users. The most efficient table of content plugin advantages are:

  • helping to optimize search engines as a benefit of your WordPress website;
  • raising your WordPress website ranking;
  • driving more traffic to your WordPress website;
  • keeping users on your WordPress website longer time;
  • validating your WordPress website;
  • Turning your WordPress site into a professional website;
  • Categorizing the information and place it in the desirable section of your WordPress website;
  • Ability to jump to the user desired section and avoid boring content;
  • Better ordering and visibility of information such as product name and specifications and better user access to it;

Best Plugin For Ccreate A Table Of Contents

There are many tables of content plugins in WordPress. However, a few plugins are suitable for your WordPress website. In order to know which plugin is perfect for your website and has the most useful options, you must first gain a comprehensive knowledge of the available plugins. And then choose the best one.

Here are the top 10 table of contents plugins for WordPress:

Easy Table Of Content

Easy Table of Content is one of the best plugins in the field of information categorization. This plugin automatically creates and publishes table of content for any page or post. This plugin with 4.4 stars and 200,000 active installations is one of the most popular plugins among WordPress users. Let us get to know the Easy Table of Content capabilities:

  • Ability to customize and select or design the desired theme;
  • compatible with Classic Editor, Gothenburg, Davey, Mentor, WPBakery Page Builder and Visual Composer page editors;
  • Ability to automatically insert table of contents based on headings;
  • Supports the  “next page” tag and Rank Math plugin;
  • Ability to enable or disable table of contents for a specific post or page;
  • Ability to hide the table of contents from particular posts;
  • Excellent responding to hooks and other available filters;
  • Ability to view the page fixed or floating due to widget support;
  • Ability to place the table of contents as a widget in the sidebar;
  • Ability to adjust highlight colors;
  1. LuckyWP


LuckyWP plugin has ranked an impressive score of five stars. This plugin has amazing features. The functional advantages of LuckyWP plugin include:

  • Ability to customize in different sections;
  • Responding to Classic and Gutenberg editors;
  • Ability to change title, font size, width, colors and other items by control panel;
  • Ability to choose the linear or hierarchical screen;
  • Ability to automatically insert table of contents based on headings;
  • Ability to categorize different types of posts and pages;
  1. Table Of Contents Plus

Table of Content Plus plugin with 4.5 stars and 300,000 active installations is one of the most popular table of content plugins among WordPress users. The capabilities of this plugin include:

  • Ability to provide a graphic sitemap for tabs and categories of the website;
  • Ability to enable or disable a custom post, page or regular post;
  • Ability to insert numerical display;
  • Ability to customize the number, appearance and position of titles;
  • Facilitate access to specific listings or table of contents for long pages and custom posts;
  • Ability to smooth scrolling effects;
  • Ability to insert line and hierarchy table;
  1. Rich Table of Contents

Rich Table of Content plugin, which has a very simple design and usage, has a score of 4.4. The most efficient capabilities of this plugin include:

  • Ability to customize content with custom titles;
  • real-time preview for the table of contents;
  • Ability to change the frames and font of the indexes;
  • Ability to change the color of title, text and background;
  • Ability to add animations;
  • Ability to exclude a specific post or page;
  1. TablePress

This plugin is one of the most popular plugins among WordPress users with a score of five. Capabilities of TablePress include:

  • Ability to create a table and publish it on different pages, posts and widgets;
  • Ability to import tables from HTML, JSON, CSV and Excel files to WordPress;
  1. Ultimate Blocks

Ultimate Blocks is a five star plugin with impressive features. In fact, this plugin includes a large number of Gutenberg custom blocks, one of which is the table of contents. Ultimate Block plugin feature and option include:

  • Ability to add table of contents in the shortest possible time;
  • Ability to create an automated table based on website titles;
  • Ability to change the name and location of the table of content;
  1. WP Table Builder

WP Table Builder

WP Table Builder as a table of content plugin categorized WordPress website text, title, headers, etc. this pluging like other has some feature and options like:

  • Ability to create a variety of tables for products, prices and discounts;
  • Ability to place desired table anywhere on the page;
  • ability to add row or column cells and merge them together;
  1. WPData Tables

WPData Tables plugin is one of the most popular plugins used by WordPress users. This plugin has option like:

  • Ability to upload Excel, CSV, JSON and XML files;
  • Ability to add CSS to style tables;
  • Ability to change colors and data order
  • Ability to rename titles;
  1.  Ninja Tables

Ninja tables as a table of content plugin for WordPress, has an easy usage. Capabilities of this plugin include:

  • Color options for columns and rows;
  • Ability to insert desirable style and theme to tables;
  • Support the different pages size;
  1. Data Tables Generator

Data Table Generator plugin is a WordPress plugin that can optimize your website content easily. This plugin has features and options like:

  • Supporting of a variety of charts and graphics
  • Ability to create PDF, Excel and CSV files;
  • Supporting of math formula;
  • Ability to change the color of rows and columns;

Choosing The Most Appropriate Table Of Content Plugin For Your WordPress Website

To choose the most suitable table of content plugin for your WordPress website, you need to consider some key point like. In fact the table of content you choose has to be:

  • compatible to the nature, approach, performance, purpose and concerns  of your WordPress website;
  • supportive to the types of plugins, editors and files you need;
  • compatible to the needs of your website and meet your requirements;
  • simple and practical to use and does not require complex operations or heavy coding;

The best way to be sure of your choice, is to make a list of your wishes and match it with the plugin options. Remember that Knowing the quantity and quality of your website, is the first step in choosing and installing the best WordPress table of content plugin.

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