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What Is Course Schema Markup

Each website has its own approach, function and content. Online course provider websites also have different attitudes. Internet users, in search of websites that offer online courses, follow certain information. In fact, a user decides based on this information whether to participate in the online course or not.

Now, if this information is displayed on the page of Google search results, it will be very easy to find the online course that users want. In addition, internet users can access desirable website sooner.

However, this advantage is not limited to users. In fact, website developers reach their target users sooner. Users who are potential follower and registrants of your courses.

Course schema markup is exactly the tool that has this capability. This feature allows you to introduce your WordPress online course site to users on the page of search engines results.

Using this tool has a positive effect on search engine optimization in various ways.

What is Course schema markup?

Page Markup is an option in Schema Pro and Rank Math Plugin that, by activating it, will display the required and useful information of your WordPress site page or post on the search engines results page. Of course, it is also possible to add this item to the website through coding.

This option is significantly effective in boosting your SEO and attracts a lot of traffic to your website. Course schema Markup is short and concise information about the content of your website through which you can tell Google and its users how you can help them. What is your type of course? What meetings does it have? What instructor does it have? How much does it cost? How long it takes; and any other information you want users to see on the search results page.

What are the benefits and applications of Course schema Markup?

  • Markup helps you get more clicks; even if you do not appear on the first page of Google search results. For example, your site may rank fifth in Google search engine results. However, at the same time, the number of clicks you have attracted may be more than the site that is on the first page of Google search results. In fact, in this case, you provide the exact information that users want about your courses on the same page of Google search results. Users are more likely to be attracted to your website than websites without Schema Markup.
  • When you put Schema markup information from your site into the content of your HTML page, the search engine can use this information to better understand your page. Therefore, it is easier to interpret and analyze the pages, in which case it will make the site more visible and better recognize keywords on the site.
  • If Give a deeper and more accurate understanding of the pages to Google, in this case it can be said that you will get better results when indexed.

Adding course schema markup

Adding course schema markup

This feature is enabled in three different ways on your website:

  • using Schema pro plugin

One of the best and easiest ways to use this feature in a WordPress website is this plugin. With this powerful plugin, you can easily mark your desired page and post and submit your useful information to the application and Google. This method does not require coding and only by activating options in the plugin.


  1. Search for Schema pro plugin from the WordPress website and then install it.
  2. Go to your website admin environment and find the settings option in the dashboard.
  3. In the settings, go to “Schemas” tab and select the “Add New” option.
  4.  In the box that opens, select the “course” option.
  5. Click on the “next” option and select the page you want to mark in the box that opens. Note that in this step you can select pages and posts that you do not want to be marked. You can also customize the display of marked pages.
  6. Make the final settings and then select the “Complete setup” option.

There are fields in the Schemas Pro settings that you can fill to your liking.

  • Using Rank Math Plugin

This is one of the WordPress website plugins that makes it possible to add a markup to a single web page with just a few simple clicks and without the need for coding. In fact, with this plugin you can make markup settings for each page separately.


  1. Install the plugin and enter its settings.
  2. In the menu that opens, select the “Schema” option.
  3. From the “Schema Type” box, select the “Course” option. At this stage, it is possible to change “Course Provider URL”, “Course Provider Name” and “Course Rating”.
  • Using code: In this method, which can only be done by programmers and coding specialists, for any change such as adding a markup, it is necessary to create and enter a code. This method is for those who use custom CMS and it is not possible to install the plugin. This method has disadvantages such as the lack of Structured Data Markup Helper capability. In this way, you can go to Schema website and write the desired code in your WordPress site settings. You add the code you wrote with the help of Chama website at the top of the page and to the page code.

Test Corse Schema Markup before publish

Fortunately, it is possible to test your WordPress pages through Google Rich Results Testing.

Do a good research on each of the plugins or coding methods you are going to use and choose one that suits the nature of your website.

Remember to include information in your markup that meets the needs of users, their wants and literature. Put the something about your courses that is most attractive to Internet users on the Google search engines on this part. This tool is designed to attract search engines and users at the same time, so make the most of it by presenting your site accurately.

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