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Divi vs. Avada

If you are thinking about setting up a WordPress theme, one of the best places to search is ThemeForest. There you can find the best-selling WordPress Themes such as Avada and Divi. Usually, it is hard for almost all people who want to apply a multi-purpose template to their WordPress site to choose the best theme. Keep reading and learn more about Avada and Divi, two of the most flexible themes, in full comparison, and then decide which is better based on your situation?

What is Divi?

First, I want to introduce Divi as a super flexible, powerful WordPress theme built by Elegant Themes. This popular WordPress themes marketplace sells Divi bundled with Elegant Themes’ club membership. If you are looking for a great platform to create your web page instantly, without writing a single line of code, Divi could be a great choice because of its advanced drag-and-drop Divi Builder.

It means you can simply design your page by moving the elements on the builder using your mouse. Generally speaking, many beginners and newbies think Divi is an easy-to-use and enormously WordPress theme to set up a blog or website.

What is Divi

What Is Avada?

On the other side, we have Avada, another best-selling WordPress theme, which was at this point consistently for several years. You can simply use this platform to build any website, blog, landing page, or online store you like without coding skills. This WordPress theme is popular because of its special WordPress plugins, which help make your website stand out.

While it is easy to set up your page because of multiple pre-built designs, you can use its popular page builder plugins to customize the designs like what you want. Today, thousands of users trust Avada and buy it from different marketplaces because of its unlimited colors and styles.

What is Avada

What Are The Main Differences Between Divi And Avada?

Before going through the full comparison of Divi and Avada, let’s find the main differences between these two famous WordPress themes. While many users believe that these WordPress themes are among the best options you can use, the final decision depends on you. In this paragraph, I want to tell the main differences between these two platforms.

Generally speaking, Divi is famous because of its great flexibility, real-time editing, split testing, and cool layouts, and Avada provides a very sleek design, a great selection of website demos, custom fonts, and fast and efficient Fusion.

Divi Vs Avada: Template Library

A website templates pack is a set of themed templates of around 5 to 10 pages, for example, different fully built pages about blogs, careers, contact, home, landing, portfolio, and services. It is the first step for all website owners to run a website in a few minutes. So, let’s compare The Divi and Avada themes in this category.

Divi Template Library

As you might know, both Divi and Avada offer a lot of templates to build a professional-looking website. For example, Divi users can access more than 100 full website packs and 800+ pre-built templates, which is an incredible number.

Also, a great feature of this platform is that you can create your favorite designs and save them for the next time to use on the same website or any other website you want.

Divi Template Library

Avada Template Library

On the other side, we have Avada, which offers fewer pre-built templates, around 70. The best point is that you can use these templates for almost all types of WordPress sites as a full template or parts of them just with one click.

Also, I want to mention that Avada templates are suitable for categories like business, fitness, sports, education, restaurant, construction, and travel.

Avada template library

Template Library Winner:

It is obvious that Divi’s template library is better than Avada in quantity and quality. The winner of this round is Divi because you can find your suitable template for almost every type of project.

Divi Vs Avada: Page Builder

One of the most important factors you should consider about a WordPress theme like Avada or Divi is the tools it offers you to build your page. These page builder tools are important because they let you design pages from scratch without any coding, only with drag-and-drop content modules. Fortunately, both Divi and Avada offer great page builders but if you want to know more about their different approaches, keep reading.

Divi Page Builder:

For those who are looking for a WYSIWYG drag-and-drop WordPress page builder, Divi is a great choice. It comes pre-packed with its page builder you can use to design 100% responsive layouts.
As a Divi user, you can try two Divi Builder editing modes, the Front-end mode and the Back-end (wireframe) mode.

With these page builder tools, you are free to build a website visually in real-time and design headers, footers, single posts, pages, archives, and category/tag pages.
Among the most important Divi content modules, I can mention:

  • Heading and text blocks
  • Buttons and CTA box
  • Content sliders
  • Contact form
  • Media and galleries
  • Testimonials
  • and Blog posts grids

Avada Page Builder

Like Divi Builder, Avada users can use its Fusion Builder to design posts, pages, headers, and footers. This Fusion Builder, also known as Avada Builder, offers 70+ design elements and is among the fastest and the most easy-to-use options. The most important advantage of this platform is that it is a slightly faster Builder than Divi. And among the most important elements of Avada Builder are:

  • Button
  • Chart
  • Checklist
  • Code Block
  • Column
  • Countdown
  • Slider
  • Social Links
  • Tagline Box
  • Testimonials
  • and Gallery

Page Builder Winner:

While these two platforms are almost the same in this category, they are different in the editing interface. So, we think you have to choose the winner of this round based on your needs.

Divi Vs Avada: Page Speed (Performance)

One of the most important features of a WordPress theme is performance optimization. Both Divi and Avada are great options, which means if you use them properly, they are among the fastest page builders, and you should not have any issue with page load speed. But let’s take a deeper look into the differences between Avada and Divi from a page speed perspective.

Here, I want to compare Divi and Avada in two categories; first with their visual builders, and second without the visual builders. Pay attention, these data compare the performance of the themes separately on desktop and mobile.

Divi Performance Test Without Builders On Desktop

  • LCP: 1.465 s
  • Fully loaded: 1.657 s
  • Page size: 447 KB
  • HTTP requests: 18

Divi Performance Test Without Builders On Mobile:

  • LCP: 3.086 s
  • Fully loaded: 4.210 s
  • Page size: 431 KB
  • HTTP requests: 18

Avada Performance Test Without Builders On Desktop:

  • LCP: 2.287
  • Fully loaded: 2.528 s
  • Page size: 463 KB
  • HTTP requests: 15

Avada Performance Test Without Builders On Mobile:

  • LCP: 5.035 s
  • Fully loaded: 5.898 s
  • Page size: 463 KB
  • HTTP requests: 15

Divi Performance Test With Builders On Desktop:

  • LCP: 2.078 s
  • Fully loaded: 2.300 s
  • Page size: 447 KB
  • HTTP requests: 18

Divi Performance Test With Builders On Mobile:

  • LCP: 5.571 s
  • Fully loaded: 6.864 s
  • Page size: 431 KB
  • HTTP requests: 18

Avada Performance Test With Builders On Desktop:

  • LCP: 2.630 s
  • Fully loaded: 2.958 s
  • Page size: 492 KB
  • HTTP requests: 16

Avada Performance Test With Builders On Mobile:

  • LCP: 5.683 s
  • Fully loaded: 7.221 s
  • Page size: 492 KB
  • HTTP requests: 16

Page Speed Winner:

This speed comparison shows that Divi has a slight edge over Avada.

Divi Vs Avada: Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

All website owners know that SEO is something that can not be ignored as it can potentially bring huge benefits to your business. So, when choosing a WordPress theme, you have to consider its SEO features and compatibility with major SEO plugins like Yoast SEO or Rank Math. If you want to know more about the available SEO features between Divi vs Avada, keep reading.

Divi Search Engine Optimization (SEO):

If you choose the Divi theme, you can use its different settings and easily optimize your website pretty for search engines. For example, the basic version of Divi allows you to set custom titles, descriptions, canonical URLs, and much more. Also, you can install an SEO plugin like Rank Math or Yoast SEO to use even more SEO functions for your website.

Avada Search Engine Optimization (SEO):

On the other side, we have Avada, which provides a lot of settings to create a 100% SEO-friendly website. All Avada users can customize page headings, text blocks, rich snippets, open graph meta tags, and more. Also, this platform is compatible with most SEO plugins.

Seo Tools Winner:

It is hard to say which is better in Seo terms because both platforms provide different tools to create a Seo-friendly site. So, we suggest you your best-fitted platform based on other factors

Divi Vs Avada: Pricing

Until here, you read about the differences between Divi and Avada’s main points. Now, let’s dig into the price lists to find the most affordable option.

Divi Pricing

Divi provides the most straightforward pricing models, where you get the whole the Elegant Themes products at a yearly membership or one-time payment option:

  • Yearly access at $89 per year.
  • Lifetime access at $249 one-time payment.

Divi Pricing

Avada Pricing:

But Avada is available exclusively on ThemeForest and is different in price terms. It offers a regular license at $69 per year with six months of support, theme updates, and all the Avada theme features. If you want to extend the theme support for up to 1 year, you have to pay an additional $21.38.

Avada Pricing

Pricing Winner:

More than different payment fees, you can use Avada’s regular license on only one website, while Divi gives you unlimited access. Now, if you need a theme on a single site, Avada is cheaper, but Divi will cost you a lot less if you want to use it for multiple websites.

Divi Vs Avada: Customer Support

Whether you are a newbie or not, it might be hard to start without help. So a great support team can help you solve your issues and make everything easier. Here, I want to compare Divi and Avada in the customer support category.

Divi Customer Support:

As a Divi user, you can access the Elegant Themes (the creators of Divi) documentation, a support forum, and 24/7 live chat support, to ask all your related questions about themes or plugins. Also, Elegant Themes provides developer documentation for the times you need help with the advanced features.

Avada Customer Support:

As you know, Avada is available through ThemeForest and only provides documentation and support forums. Also, the support with new theme purchases is only for 6 months, less than Divi’s 1-year support. Unfortunately, there is no live chat support, so we do not suggest it to beginners who need to get fast replies.

Customer Support Winner:

Divi is the exact winner in the field of customer support because the Avada support team is so limited, especially if you are new to WordPress.

Avada Vs Divi: Ease Of Use

While all of the website builders are famous because of their ease of use which enables you to run your website without the help of any programmer, here in this Avada and Divi comparative guide, I want to show you how difficult it is to use them.

Divi Ease Of Use:

Divi is famous as one of the most beginner-friendly themes with an easy installation process. More than easy installation, you can use this platform to easily set up your website by importing one of its pre-built templates within minutes.

Avada Ease Of Use:

On the other side is Avada, which might seem slightly complicated at first because of its ton of features. But that is not really hard, and after that, when you install and activate Avada, you can see a welcome screen with a complete explanation of theme basics step by step.

Ease Of Use Winner:

While both platforms are easy to use, we suggest Divi to most beginners because it is less complicated.

Avada Vs Divi: Advantages And Disadvantages

Until now, I have compared Divi and Avada in all main features such as template library, page builder tools, page speed, SEO, price list, customer support, and ease of use with the hope that it helps you choose your best-fitted platform and run your website easily.

Now, the last point you should not miss is in this paragraph. Here, you can read a complete list of the advantages and disadvantages of these website builders.

Divi’s Advantages:

  • A strong builder with hundreds of customization options
  • Over 1,100 premade layouts
  • Fantastic Library
  • The Elegant Themes membership with great value for money

Divi’s Disadvantages:

  • Some theme options are separated between the theme options page and the WordPress Customizer.
  • Sometimes slow in the backend.

Avada’s Advantages:

  • An all-in-one page builder and theme customizer
  • A wide collection of high-quality premade layouts
  • An incredible number of configuration options
  • Lifetime updates with each purchase

Avada’s Disadvantages:

  • Expensive with per-site pricing
  • High learning curve


Are you looking for the best WordPress theme for your website? Once you start your search you have to lead it and try to narrow your search down to 2 choices. If your final two choices are Divi and Avada, and you do not know which one is truly the best, read the above text.

While these two popular themes might seem like each other at first glance, they are different in detail. Above here, I have gathered a list of the main features of these platforms and how they differ from each other in the hope that you can choose the best one based on your needs and preferences.

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