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Enfold Theme Review

If you are looking for a multipurpose WordPress theme to create a website easily in your favorite niche, you are at the right place. Here, I want to introduce one of the most powerful responsive themes with beautiful designs, which you can use without any technical knowledge. Continue reading and learn more about Enfold theme, its various features and widgets, price terms, alternatives, advantages and disadvantages, and how it works.

A Quick Glance At Enfold Theme

First, I have to state that the Enfold theme was originally developed by Kriesi on 16 April 2013. And from that time until now, Kriesi tried to add more features to this theme and promote it as a great tool. So, if you are looking for a popular easy-to-use multi-purpose theme for your websites, Enfold could be a great option.

Here, I have to add that this theme, which is the top-selling theme on Themeforest, comes with 36+ demos, gorgeous & responsive designs, unique features, and fast support.

Before going through the details of this project, let’s see who should choose this theme.

  • First, it is suitable for business purposes due to its various plugins and features. For example, you can make a portfolio of your innovative work, like photography, painting, designing, etc. Or you can use it to design your offline business’s website, such as a restaurant, travel agency, etc.
  • Also, it helps you showcase your talents as a portfolio by using Enfold themes to design any type of website or online store.
  • And finally, the Enfold multilingual feature enables you to add almost 20 different languages and make your content available in several languages.A Quick Glance At Enfold Theme

What Are The Key Features Of The Enfold Theme?

As I previously mentioned, Enfold is one of the most well-known dominant themes users choose to develop their website. But how can you decide if it is good for you or not? If you want to know whether a theme is great for use or not, you have to consider its key features as an important factor. Keep reading and learn more about the main features of this multipurpose WordPress theme.The Key Features Of The Enfold Theme

Enfold Theme, Easy To Set Up

The first great feature of this theme is that you can easily install it with one click, which means it is a convenient theme for both professional and newbie people.

Then you can search among its lots of pre-made demo contents and choose your favorite one to design your website in a few minutes.

Also, I have to mention that you should not worry about the installation & setup process because whether you are a developer or not, you can simply run this theme following its instructions.

Incredible Performance Of Enfold Theme

The next great feature and important advantage of this theme is related to its incredible performance. This package includes high-speed performance, flexibility to use without any problematic options, and a user-friendly feature that enables you to access those things correctly.

Responsive Design & Layout Of Enfold Theme

Another great point that I want to mention is that Enfold theme is responsive, which means as a user, you can quickly access the website on all devices like computers, tablets, mobile, etc.

Also, if you are among users who know about CSS, you can use your knowledge to develop your website visually more appealing. Moreover, all Enfold users know that the retina-ready feature of this theme makes it a fantastic option for mobile or tablet uses.

Customized Page Builder of Enfold Theme

If you use Enfold theme and like to use a customized advanced page builder, do not worry because you do not need to depend on any other third-party page builder. Here, the Kriesi team provides their own customized advanced page builder, Avia Page builder, which you can use to design your website with your desired requirements.

If you do not know much about Avia page builder, I have to state that it is one of the best page builders, and you will feel the impressive flexibility while using it. Also, this could be a great chance for the new users who want to customize their image gallery, about us page, content page, and so on.

Inbuilt Drag And Drop Page Builder Of Enfold Theme

As you might know, many awesome themes do not offer great theme designs, so you need to use a page builder like Elementor or WP Bakery. But the Enfold theme is not one of them, as it has the advantage of the drag-and-drop page builder feature that offers a lot of drag-and-drop elements, such as columns, dividers, buttons, tabs, and tables. You can use its WYSIWYG editor to build your website much easier than the coding method.

Easy To Use Sliders Of Enfold Theme

Many page builders on the market help you edit your theme, but they do not assist you in slider making, which means you need an additional premium plugin. Here, I have to mention that Enfold is different as it offers both the premium theme and premium page builder feature to its users.

So, if you are a beginner be sure that you can easily use Enfold to create both 2D and 3D sliders on the same interface.

Also, there is a layer slider feature to help you make a slideshow and use it anywhere on your website.

Enfold, The SEO-Friendly Theme

The primary goal of all website owners is to engage more traffic on their website, which will not happen if your page is not SEO optimized. While many website developers choose to boost their theme performance by using an SEO optimization plugin, if you use the Enfold theme, you do not need any of them. And that is because the Kriesi team has developed their Enfold theme SEO optimized.

Enfold Theme Sidebar Manager.

The final feature I want to state here is related to sidebar management. While sidebar management is a crucial part of any website, it will be much easier to operate when you use the Enfold Theme. You can simply use the sidebar tool to create any widgets on your website.

The Extra Features Of Enfold Theme

Previously, you have read about the key features of the Enfold theme, but that is not all. Here you can read a list of other additional features of this theme, which will surprise you more.

Enfold Theme WooCommerce Support:

Are you searching for the best e-commerce plugin to open an e-commerce store? Fortunately, you can access the WooCommerce plugin to grow your business on the Enfold Theme.

Booking With Enfold Theme:

As I mentioned, you can access WooCommerce through Enfold, which means you can create Booking and Reservation CTA, more than making an eCommerce website for your products.

Enfold Theme WPML Support:

If you are among users who want to introduce your business to different regional people, the Enfold theme offers you the WPML support option. As you read above, this option provides more than 20+ languages, which you can use to present your pages and contents to more people.

Enfold Theme Visual Shortcut Editor:

The Enfold theme enables you to add videos and other kinds of visual content to your website, while you can easily use its fantastic flexible video shortcut editor.

Enfold Theme Free Lifetime Update:

While the Kriesi team tries to improve their theme each day, you can access all these new updated features for free.

Enfold Theme Portfolio:

This theme enables you to present your creative works on an absolute portfolio page through the pleasant feature of the Ajax Portfolio as well.

Enfold Child Theme:

This option would be perfect, especially for those who want to customize their website well organized. The child theme helps you increase your potential with advanced use.

Enfold Theme With Unlimited Colors And Fonts:

You can use endless colors and fonts to design your website.

Enfold Style-Denerator:

The Style Generator is a fantastic feature of Enfold, which you can use to change your website look with one click.

What About Enfold Theme Pricing Plans?

The price term is one of the most important factors you might consider as a user looking for a great WordPress theme to develop your website.

The Enfold theme is available on ThemeForest, and you can buy it at different prices based on the duration you choose as a team support month. For example, you can use an Enfold version for $59 and get access to all series of features and demos, regular updates, a theme hosting offer, and 6-month support from Kriesi. Pay attention that Enfold is a one-time fee, which means you should not pay any other subscription charge or renewal fee.

But if you want to extend theme support to 12 months, you should pay an extra $17.63, and when it finishes, you have to pay this amount again to have this support again.

Enfold Theme Pricing Plans

What Are The Advantages And Disadvantages Of The Enfold Theme?

Now that you know about all the details of the Enfold theme, it is time to decide whether it is appropriate for you or not. To make this level easier for you, I have gathered a list of the advantages and disadvantages of this WordPress theme.

 Enfold Theme Pros:

  • Easy to use page builder
  • Offer different premade templates, which helps you reduce the time to build from scratch and understand how a feature works.
  • Inbuilt SEO support, which helps to get better SERP ranking
  • Responsive views for users
  • Excellent UI and content management
  • Support more than 20 languages

Enfold Theme Cons:

  • You have to keep it updated, and the bad point is that your site might break and look ugly after new updates.
  • While the documentation and forums are helpful, there is no live support.

What Are The Most Important Alternatives To Enfold Theme?

As you previously read, the Enfold theme is one of the most popular WordPress themes you can use to develop your website, but it does not mean there is no competitor. Below, I will introduce the three most important alternatives to this theme.

  • Deep is another multipurpose theme designed with the best modern methods, which provides great performance.
  • The next option is Avada, a responsive multi-purpose theme by ThemeFusion with 1-6 column support.
  • Phlox is the next modern and fully-customizable WordPress theme, which you can use for every website you want.


If you areooking for a great WordPress theme to develop your website and design it well, Enfold could be one of the best options. Many website owners believe Enfold is a professional solution that is not too expensive for the pocket. Read the above text and find more about the details of this multipurpose WordPress theme, which you can easily find on ThemeForest. There, I have talked about its impressive feature set, its price terms, support team, and pros and cons.

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