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How To Write Math Equations In WordPress

As you know WordPress is the best CMS platform in the world with millions of users. You can create any type of website or blog with WordPress. Also, some of the teachers are using WordPress for their courses. One big drawback in WordPress is that it does not have an option in which you can write math equations in WordPress.

It is difficult to write a math equation because of the lack of support for the character in HTML. It’s might be a little confusing for beginners to work with these plugins. In this paper, I will review some ways to write math equations in WordPress. Don’t worry, it’s very simple and easy.

Write Math Equations In WordPress With Unicode Characters:

Unicode is a simple way to use special characters in WordPress. This feature is supported in all operating systems. In the next, I’ll show you how to use it in Mac and windows.

Writing Math Equation In Mac:

in Mac, you can easily use this feature by clicking on the edit menu, and then Emoji & Symbols. After that, a

window will appear.

Writing Math Equation In Mac


You can easily select the Math Symbol menu on the left and, use all mathematical symbols.

Writing Math Equation In Windows:

In windows, there is a program that has been installed by default. If you are in windows 7, you can search Character Map in the start menu and run this program. In windows 10, you should do the same; Open the start menu and then search Character Map and run it.

Writing Math Equation In Windows

After running it you have to set the Group by to Unicode Subrange, and then another window appears. In this window, you have to select a mathematical operator. Then, set the font on Cambria Math. Now you can use all mathematical symbols.

Writing Math Equation In Windows

Write Math Equations With Equation Editor:

In the following, I will introduce the equation editor plugin, which you can use to write mathematical formulas in WordPress, and I will show you how to use it.

The equation editor is a very popular plugin for writing math formulas in WordPress that is used by many users around the world. With this plugin, you can easily make characters and formulas that cannot be displayed by the HTML programming language. With this plugin, you will be able to display various types of mathematical symbols, chemical formulas, graphs, and any other complex structure easily and in the shortest possible time.

In order to install and activate this plugin, you must follow the path below:

In the first step of the process of writing a math formula in WordPress, you must enter your username and password in order to enter the WordPress dashboard.

Then in the WordPress dashboard and through the plugins menu, select Add plugin.

Write Math Equations With Equation Editor

Now on the page shown to you, search for the equation editor through the search box. Then, like the image below, install the plugin and Write Math Equations With Equation Editor

After installation, the Activate button will appear. Activate it, otherwise, it doesn’t work.


After installing and activating this plugin, its name has been added to the WordPress dashboard menu, and you can click on it to enter the settings page. At first, a message is displayed that it is possible to use the paid version of this plugin. Here are two main options:

Enable Equation Editor: By activating this check box, you specify that you want the Equation Editor plugin to be enabled on your WordPress website. This option is enabled by default.

Select Editor Type: By using this section, you specify what type of editor you want to use. By default, you can use Wiris Editor, Latex Editor, or both by selecting Both. If you get a premium version, an option called Formula Editor will also be added. You can select any of these editors you want and finally save the applied changes by clicking the Save Changes button.

Math Equations With Equation Editor

After making those changes, it’s time to select the Add Post submenu from the Posts menu and enter the content of the page where you want to put the math equation.

Math Equations With Equation Editor

In general, after installing the Equation Editor plugin, two new options will be added to the settings menu of your posts (If you have chosen Both in the setting). One is called Equation Editor and the other is called Math Editor. The first uses the Latex editor to create the formulas you want, and the second uses the Wiris editor. Whenever you need to write a formula, you can click on one of these icons as shown below and enter your equation.

Math Equations With Equation Editor

If you click on the first option, the following page will be displayed as a pop-up. On this page, many equations are placed by default, and you can easily write the most complex equations using them. Finally, by clicking on the Click here to download image, download the equation in gif format. Then, you can upload the image in your post. Also, there is another button, click on the Copy to Document button to put it in the content. Using the Latex Editor, you will be able to view the results of your work after clicking either on Click here to download image or Copy to Document.

Math Equations With Equation Editor

Clicking on the second option will open a page like the one below as a pop-up. In this editor, you can see lots of different types of equations. All you have to do is enter the equation you want, and click the OK button. By clicking Ok,the equation will appear in your content.

img class=”wp-image-43″ src=”https://quickwp.net/wp-content/uploads/2022/06/image-14-1024×365.png” alt=”” width=”734″ height=”261″ />

Write Math Equations With LaTeX

LaTeX is a powerful plugin for writing math equations. This powerful tool is widely used for writing technical and scientific documentation. To install this plugin just search LaTeX and then click on the install. After a few seconds, you should click on the active button

Write Math Equations With LaTeX

After activation, you should go to the page that you wanted to edit and then click the Add block button on the editor page, and then search for ShortCode.

Write Math Equations With LaTeX

In the short code section, you should insert the shortcode [ latextpage ] followed by your LaTeX code. As I said earlier, it is not easy for beginners. You should be familiar with its syntax to use it.

Write Math Equations With LaTeX

After inserting the syntax, you should save your content and then you can see the result in the preview section; You cannot see it in the edit section.

Write Math Equations With LaTeX

Also, there is an offline application for this plugin. You can easily write the syntax and then copy it in the Short Code section.


Write Math Equation With MathML

Another plugin that you can work with is MathML. You can download it and install it by installing the plugin section. Same as the LaTeX plugin, after installation you must active this plugin to use it.

Write Math Equation With MathML

After activation, again like the Latex, go to the post you want to edit and then go to the editor mode and click on the add block. This time you should search for Costume HTML.

Write Math Equation With MathML

Just click on the Custom HTML and then start to insert your math equation syntax.

Write Math Equation With MathML

After all these steps, just save your content and see your transformed code into a mathematical equation.

Write Math Equation With MathML

MathML block utilizes the MathJax engine to transform your code into a readable math equation. Also, you can use LaTeX commands in MathML.

MathML Block uses the MathJax JavaScript engine to convert your markup into readable math equations. It also supports LaTeX commands.

To use this option, simply search for MathML block and click on it, and then, insert your LaTeX code. Your code must be pasted in between this format.

Write Math Equation With MathML\[ your equation \]

And again save it and see your transformed code in the preview.

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