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JetBlog Review: All You Need to Develop a Professional Site

Are you looking for a way to create a blog or content website with green? Do you like to extend the functionality, SEO, and design of your site? All of them mean you need a great plugin. Generally speaking, plugins are helpful software additions used for the customization of computer programs, apps, web browsers, and website contents. Keep reading because I want to introduce JetBlog, which will help you simplify your life as a blogger and organize your blogs.

Below, you can read about JetBlog, one of the most famous Plugins, its complete review of widgets and features, prices, as well as advantages and disadvantages.
What’s JetBlog?

Before going through the details, let’s see what JetBlog is exactly? As you might know, JetBlog is a popular plugin, which many people use to show their content on a website in an engaging and organized way. Those who build content websites with Elementor believe JetBlog is among the top add-on plugins because of its well-designed widgets. These widgets play an important role in developing high-quality archives and single post pages.

Totally, JetBlog is famous among users because of two reasons. First, it helps them organize their blog, and second, it supports them to make an appealing webpage. We believe that Crocoblocks, the company behind JetBlog’s main goal is to make the bloggers’ life more simple.


What Are The JetBlog Widgets?

Now that you know what JetBlog is and why people use this Plugin, it is time to go through the JetBlog dynamic content widgets. This paragraph could guide you on how efficiently you can use JetBlog and add content to your pages built with Elementor’s live page builder.

Smart Posts List

The first widget that I want to introduce is the Smart Posts List widget, which you can use to display your posts in organized content blocks with an easily changeable design and customizable formation. Using this widget helps you change important items without ever touching a single line of code, such as:

  • Listing max width
  • Featured post position
  • Image size
  • Style up post excerpts
  • Meta information

Smart Post Tiles

If you are looking for an efficient way to add your posts to the website’s page as an eye-catching tiles block, the Smart Post Tiles is one of the best widgets, which will assist you in creating an immaculate layout and impeccable style. This JetBlog widget offers versatile style settings, which enable you to gap between boxes, create box overlays, and adjust the content formation or meta details.

Text Ticker

Another important point that you have to consider as a blogger is adding an eye-catching ticker content module to your website’s page, which means you need to use the Text Ticker widget of JetBlog. This Widget helps you show the recent and most critical post titles to get more visits.

Video Playlist

Do you need to add a video playlist to your web page? If your answer is yes, it means you need the Video Playlist widget of JetBlog. This Widget helps you showcase the videos stylishly, set the playlist in a pixel-perfect form, and adjust the thumbnails, scrollbar styles, thumbnail numbers, and typography.

Posts Navigation

Another useful widget that JetBlog offers to bloggers is the Posts Navigation widget. This widget helps you to add navigation arrows and provides easier navigation through the posts.

Posts Pagination

Also, you can use the Posts Pagination widget and add pagination to your website and make easier navigation through the posts.

What Are The Most Important Advantages And Disadvantages Of JetBlog?

If you want to choose the JetBlog plugin as a powerful Elementor to develop your website and showcase your posts in the most attractive way possible, this paragraph will help you. Previously, you learned about the six great features of JetBlog, but now I want to tell you a short list of advantages and disadvantages of this plugin.

JetBlog Advantages:

  • The great and strong video playlist widget of this plugin is one of the bests
  • Excellent custom post support for archive pages
  • Thousands of customization options (almost every part is customizable)
  • Clear documentation & dedicated community
  • Reasonable pricing
  • Excellent support, just like what is recalled in their Trustpilot reviews
  • Provides prefabricated layouts for faster workflows
  • Responsive because almost all widgets work well on all devices
  • Awesome plugin if you want to run a magazine or news kind of website
  • Easy to try with a 30-day money-back guarantee

JetBlog Disadvantages:

While some of its products support Gutenberg, it is mostly for Elementor.

What About JetBlog Pricing?

One of the most important items that you have to consider when you want to choose a Plugin is the price. In this field, the main item that specifies which plugin is good and which one is not is the blogger because they would allocate different budgets to organize their website. But whatever your budget is, I believe JetBlog is one of the best options.

Based on the general price list of JetBlog, there are four types of subscriptions more than the custom type, all with a 30-day money-back guarantee.

  • For the first type, you have to pay $23/year, to get a Custom subscription with 6 widgets, 1-year product updates, and 1-year of Zoom & Chat support.

What About JetBlog Pricing

Or you can pay $199/year and get the All-Inclusive subscription with 150 widgets, 20 JetPlugins, 1-year product updates, and 1-year of Zoom & Chat support.

What About JetBlog Pricing

  • For more professional use, you have to pay $399/year for an All-Inclusive Unlim type.
  • Or $999 for lifetime use with all needed facilities.

You can find more details about the pricing term on the Crocoblock page.

What Are The Most Important JetBlog Alternatives?

While many people believe JetBlog is one of the most advanced Windows blog editors and managers because of the great advantages we discussed above, it does not mean that there is no other alternative for it. Here, I want to introduce the three most important alternatives to BlogJet, which you can use for various platforms, such as Windows, Mac, Linux, Java Mobile, and Blackberry.

  • MarsEdit is one of the famous blog publishing tools, which you can use to write and edit your website. Today, many people use this app as a great alternative to JetBlog for posting and editing posts without any changes to the code.
  • Open Live Writer is the second option that I want to introduce as a great blog publishing tool for Windows. If you open the Live Writer, you can simply work as an author who publishes and edits blog posts.
  • The Desk is another popular tool, which is usually used as a Note-taking tool on Mac. Also, it is an award-winning and precious desktop publishing client.


If you have an online magazine and look for a grid section on your homepage, or want to develop your website and organize contents, it means you need a great Plugin like JetBlog. JetBlog is a premium Elementor add-on designed by Crocoblock to help you build dynamic websites. Read the above text and learn more about the details, such as the features of JetBlog, the pros and cons, and the price lists.

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