Webflow vs. Wix

Whether you want to launch a personal website or create something professional for your online shop, a great website-building tool can help you meet your needs soon. If you do a quick Google search for the ‘website builders’ term, you will find a long list of different software, and absolutely, Webflow and Wix are on the top. Now, if you do not know how to choose the best platform, keep reading. Here, I have gathered a complete list of WebFlow and Wix features and compared them. Go on and read until the end, and I hope it will help you choose the best website builder based on your needs.

What Is WebFlow?

Are you a blogger looking for a great website builder platform to run a professional website? Or you might want to create a simple fan page for your favorite comic. Webflow could be a great choice for both of these situations.
This platform is among the best no-code website builders that offer different templates and helps you control the layout and look of your site. You can use its different tools to build and design your page like what you want. Among the great advantages of this platform is that it allows users to work with three coding languages- HTML, CSS, and JavaScript, while you do not understand them and are focused on the visual side of the design.
If you are a beginner, do not worry because while working with WebFlow is much easier than coding, it offers plenty of resources on how to get started.
Below, I will talk about WebFlow’s range of options in other fields such as blogging, Seo, eCommerce, customer service, and so on.

What is WebFlow

What Is Wix?

On the other side, we have Wix as the next popular free website building platform. This app helps all users, even those who know nothing about web programming, and they can create beautiful websites using this platform. If you do not know anything about using these web builder platforms, do not worry because Wix is very easy to use. Register for an account at Wix, and choose a theme for your new website. Then edit it in the visual drag and drop editor to be just like what you want. The best point is that you can preview what you made and then publish the edited version.

What is Wix

What Are The Main Differences Between Webflow Vs. Wix?

Before going through the details of these two famous platforms, let’s go through the main differences between Webflow and Wix in a shortlist.

  • Webflow offers an HTML CSS website editor, but you can not use any coding method to create or customize your site.
  • As a Webflow user, you can fully customize your site as you like, while Wix is based only on its templates.
  • Webflow comes with Zapier integration, but Wix is more user-friendly.
  • Webflow users should use its ‘University’ section with tutorials, but Wix users can easily learn everything through email.

Keep reading and find a complete list of comparisons between these two platforms, and then choose which one fits your needs best.

Webflow Vs. Wix: Design

When you want to choose a platform like Wix or Webflow, it means you are looking for professional website creation tools to create your website without any programming knowledge. Here, the design feature of that platform is one of the most important factors you should consider. Go on and see how these two platforms work in designing.

Wix Design:

If you are just starting out in web design, Wix should be much more suitable. Its users think you can create your favorite website with Wix as easily as choosing over 550 pre-designed templates and customizing it with its drag-and-drop website editor. Here, I want to mention that you can not switch your theme after editing, so carefully choose your favorite theme, and use it for a long time.
Also, you should know that while all of these themes are designed by professional web designers and updated regularly, if none of the offered templates you like, you can use its drag-and-drop editor and change a blank page to the theme you would like. ADI is another interesting tool that Wix offers to its users. You can use this Artificial Design Intelligence to design a website by answering a few questions.

Wix Design

WebFlow Design:

On the other side is Webflow as the next user-friendly platform, and I think WebFlow is better than Wix if you are an advanced user. Compared to Wix, while it offers fewer pre-designed templates (around 200), you can use this platform to design web pages from scratch on a blank theme.
The great advantage of WebFlow is that you have full control over how your website looks. For example, you can personalize your website with changes and modifications and even integrate custom HTML codes into the header or footer of your page.

WebFlow design

Design Winner:

While Wix offers more templates, Webflow users can freely code every page and get better design flexibility. So, we think in terms of design, Webflow is the winner.

Webflow Vs. Wix: ECommerce Tools

If you are looking for a website builder platform to start your online shop, eCommerce is an important part that you have to consider. Now, let’s compare Wix and Webflow eCommerce functionality.

Wix ECommerce Tools

Wix offers different eCommerce plans, and if you opt for one, you can add a store to your site with just a few clicks and accept customer payments.
Among the benefits of this platform in eCommerce is that you can sell all you want from physical, digital, and subscription products. Also, it is possible to integrate your website with popular online marketplaces and social media platforms.
You can choose your favorite online store templates and showcase product prices in multiple languages and different currencies.
Use the Wix centralized dashboard to order management and fulfillment on:

  • Track and process all orders
  • Handle shipping and fulfillment
  • Add suppliers, 3PL (third-party logistics), and dropshipping services


Webflow ECommerce Tools

While Webflow’s eCommerce functionality is newer than Wix, this platform has continued to grow its online selling toolkit.
Obviously, Webflow is ideal for those who want to show off their highly customized products. As a user, you can use WebFlow to:

  • Build custom product fields
  • Customize your online checkout and cart
  • Change transactional emails such as receipts and order confirmations
  • Create custom landing pages

Just like Wix, you can design a professional online shop site with WebFlow to sell physical and digital products. Also, this platform offers different eCommerce tools to customize shipping regions and rules, sync orders with shipping software, and use different payment gateways.

E-Commerce Tools Winner:

Absolutely, Wix provides better eCommerce tools, such as customer account features, multi-currency pricing, abandoned cart emails, and more.

Webflow Vs. Wix: Blogging

All website owners know that writing a blog is an important part of each website that helps the site’s Seo rank and credibility. So you should choose a website builder platform with great blogging features to stand out in an increasingly crowded marketplace. Keep reading and find out how Wix and Webflow answer this demand?

Wix Blogging

If you want to use Wix to create a blog, you should know that it is as simple as selecting the ‘Start Blogging’ icon on the left-hand. Then, choose your blog layout from a few available templates and manage your content from the Wix dashboard. Pay attention, the blog-specific templates are very basic and independent of your website template. Generally speaking, the Wix blog feature enables you to:

  • Choose a featured image and post a header.
  • Occupy your content with headings, images, and embedded videos or audio
  • Schedule posts using categories and tags
  • Enable commenting

Webflow Blogging

On the other hand, Webflow is among the platforms that offer a powerful and effective content management system. All WebFlow users can upload and edit their content from the Webflow dashboard and export them efficiently. Also, you can use the on-page editing feature to edit blog content live on your site. Among other advantages of Webflow, I can mention:

  • It auto-generates meta titles, descriptions, and open graph settings.
  • Also, it determines what info is displayed when shared on social media.
  • You can manually customize your blog feed.
  • It offers many other design options, such as adding box shadows.

Blogging Winner:

While running and developing a blog with Webflow demands extra work, you can use Wix to launch a blog within minutes. So, if you need a fast and easy method for blogging, Wix is better.

Webflow Vs. Wix: Seo T‌ools

As you might know, most online experiences in today’s world start with a search engine, which means search engine optimization is serious for all website owners. So, when you want to choose a website builder such as Wix or Webflow, you have to ask yourself which one offers the best in SEO?

Wix Seo Tools

As a Wix user, you can easily access the Wix in-built SEO tool (AKA the SEO wizard) from your dashboard. There, you will reach all you need to improve your website’s SEO. For example, you can edit page descriptions and meta titles, add image descriptions, or manage 301 redirects. Also, Wix websites are mobile-friendly, which gives your site a higher rank in Seo. Finally, Wix helps you integrate with Google Analytics to recover more SEO wisdom and identify what you should do for improvement.
While Wix tries hard to keep SEO simple by providing the basic functionality, advanced SEO is always a tricker. For example, you can not use Wix to create and submit a sitemap to search engines automatically.

Webflow Seo Tools

Almost all Webflow users believe this platform gives more granular control over SEO terms. The same as Wix, you can use WebFlow to do the simple Seo functions such as adding URL slugs, meta titles, meta descriptions, and image alt text. Also, this platform goes further and gives you the opportunity to set indexing rules, SEO markup, redirects, and more. Another point I should add here is that, unlike Wix, WebFlow enables you to automatically update and generate a sitemap when you publish your project.

SEO Tools Winner:

While Webflow doesn’t make SEO optimization as intuitive as Wix, we think its more advanced tool deserves the victory.

Webflow Vs. Wix: Pricing

Whenever you want to choose between two options, the cost is one of the most important factors you have to consider. Now, you might like to know how much you should pay for each platform and if it is worth it. Keep reading and learn more about the price of different plans of Wix and WebFlow.

Wix Pricing

The same as WebFlow, Wix offers its introductory-level plan for no fee. Also, this website builder is famous for its affordable plans, which means you should not pay much, even for the VIP plan with priority support. Also, it provides high-level support and services for all the plans based on the money you paid. Below is a complete list of Wix price plans:

  • The Connect Domain plan, which is the most basic form: $4/month
  • The Combo plan, suitable for personal use: $7/month
  • The Unlimited plan, suitable for entrepreneurs & freelancers: $11/monthWix pricing

    WebFlow Pricing

    First, I want to state that WebFlow offers a kind of free plan. With this opportunity, they offer a 30-day money-back guarantee, which means you can try WebFlow for free and decide if it suits your needs or not. To know about other payment plans of these platforms, read the below list:

    • Basic plan: $12 per month if paid annually; $15 per month if paid monthly.
    • CMS plan: $16per month if paid annually; $20 per month if paid monthly.
    • Business plan: $36 per month if paid annually; $45 per month if paid monthly.
    • Enterprise plan: You should contact Webflow’s team, and they will customize a plan for

WebFlow pricing

Pricing Winner:

It is hard to say which one is the winner in the field of pricing because they both offer free plans and affordable prices. So, it is just you who can decide which one better fits your needs.

Webflow Vs. Wix: Ease Of Use

As you read above, ease of use is one of the main differences between Wix and WebFlow. But how? Which one is easier to use, and which one is better for professionals? Let’s discover it.

Wix Ease Of Use

As you know, Wix is designed specially to help beginners develop their favorite website in an easy way. After that, you can simply sign up for this platform, there is a drag-and-drop editor, which all inexperienced users could use to do the below items:

  • Select your desired element
  • Drag it using your cursor
  • Drop it wherever you want it to appear on the web page

WebFlow Ease Of Use

On the other hand, we have Webflow, which is pretty different and full of customization features that can be overwhelming, particularly for newbies. We do not suggest WebFlow to beginners because there is a more extensive array of customization options for all its website elements. For example, you can modify web page paddings and margins or preview the CSS code for elements you want to edit.

Ease Of Use Winner:

If you are a beginner who is looking for a user-friendly solution, be sure that the Wix dashboard and drag-and-drop editor are much easier to use.

Webflow Vs. Wix: Customer Support

All people who sink money into their business want to improve, so they are looking for good support during this process. So, let’s see how good the customer support of Wix and Webflow is.

Wix Customer Support

We can say that Wix is good at customer support because it offers 24/7 customer care. One of the most popular ways of Wis support is on its contact page. There, you will answer a few questions about your problem, and Wix will provide a callback service. It is available 24/7 in English. But if you need support in other languages, such as French, German, Hebrew, Italian, Japanese, Portuguese, Russian, and Spanish, you have to wait for your answer from around 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. in the respective time zones.

WebFlow Customer Support

On the other side is Webflow, which seems weaker than Wix in terms of customer support. The only way to contact the WebFlow customer support team is via email or support tickets, and their team is active Monday through Friday, 6 a.m. to 6 p.m. PT. After you have sent an email, they will answer you within 24-48 business hours.

Customer Support Winner:

Of course, the winner is Wix because Webflow offers slower response times during limited hours.

Webflow Vs. Wix: Advantages And Disadvantages

Now that you know all about almost all features of WebFlow and Wix as the two most popular website builders. Let’s go through a short list of the advantages and disadvantages of these platforms before we round up this review.

Wix Advantages

  • 24/7 customer support
  • Customer support is available in different languages
  • Easy to use without any coding or web design knowledge
  • Hundreds designed templates
  • Free plan
  • The simple method to add a blog and online store

Wix’s Disadvantages

  • Limited space and bandwidth because of cheap plans
  • It is not possible to freely customize your site
  • Basic SEO functionality is more basic
  • If you want to change your theme, you will lose your website content

Webflow Advantages

  • Advanced, web-professional-friendly customization
  • You can decide about all aspects of your site such as checkout, transactional emails, storefront, blog layouts, and more
  • Advanced SEO tools
  • Free plan
  • Special account plans for agencies and freelancers

Webflow Disadvantages

  • It is hard to work
  • No free plan to publish projects
  • No 24/7 contact support
  • It is complex to set up a blog
  • Fewer templates available


If you want to start your own website as a personal blog or online shop, I have good news for you. Today, running a website is much easier than before because there is no need to learn coding details. You can use different website builder platforms such as WebFolw or Wix and start your site in a short time. If you do not know about these platforms, read the above text. There, I talked about all the details of these two famous platforms and compared their features in different categories.

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