What is Parked Domain?

So far, has it happened to you that when writing a website address and searching it, use the “.org” instead of the “.com” domain extension? Sometimes this error leads us to the wrong website. However, it is also often the case that you have access to a single website and page with both of these domains.

In such cases, the website owner have purchased two domains for their website and parked one of them on of the other. This will make it easier for users to access the website and increase the number of its visits.

Of course, this is not limited to the variety of domain extensions. In fact, it is possible for you to purchase one or more new domain for your website and park it on the previous one, or park the old domain of the website on the new one.

Parked domains that also called “aliases” are additional URL for your address and change the potential user to really ones. Of course, additional domains can only point to your URL without ending up on your website. Indeed, it may be active without leading to any website. However, the use of a parked domain is not limited to this.

Application And Benefits

  • Reserve desirable name; you can use this technique to buy the name and domain you want to prevent someone else from buying it before you. In this case, you have actually reserved the domain to develop the website at a convenient time and publish it later.
  • Prevent potential user loss due to misspellings in the site address; if you park potential domains that a user may search to find your website on the main domain, the user will still reach your page. This way, even if the user misspells your website address, your site will come up.
  • Increase User and traffic; you can buy common names and addresses that Internet users frequently search for and park on your main domain. More user and traffic means earning commercial profit from the number of clicks or ads.
  • Obtain Top Level Domains; having alternative and parked domains allows you to register your main domain as a Top Level Domains (TLDs).
  • Register a domain that may later become a popular domain; this way you can buy a domain now and sell it at a good price in later years.
  • Have an email that links to your website address; with this feature, you can have an email with a nickname that sends your messages to the main website.

How Does To Park A Domain In Cpanel?

Domain Park is a simple action that can be done in the following steps:

  1. Choose a suitable name for your domain and make sure it has not been purchased before.
  2. Once you are sure that the domain you want is available, you will pay for it and acquire ownership.
  3. Then go to section “CPanel” and find the “DOMAINS” section. In this section, you can set and select options such as “add on domains”, “subdomains”, “redirects”, and “aliases”.

How does to park a domain in Cpanel

  1. In this step, you must select the option “aliases”. In the page that opens, you can enter a new domain for it by entering the URL on the registered domain.

How does to park a domain in Cpanel

You have to point its DNS servers towards the web host. Remember that if you used a third-party domain registrar, update the DNS records. At this point, your domain will be added to the Alliance list of domains.

If you visit the registered URL, you will see a parked domain. This means that the domain is registered in your name but does not leads to a website.

  • This step, which you can do depending on what you think, shows visitors the “coming soon” phrase on the parked domain page. To do this you must return to the “Aliases” tab, choose the “Manage Redirection” option, and then enter that URL.


  • You can remove parked domains at any time. Just go to the “Domain” set up page and find the “Remove Parked Domains” option.
  • You can have an active domain without being connected to the website. In fact, with this feature you can use this to have enough time to design and develop your website, without that you miss the chance to buy the domain you want.
  • If you no longer want the domain you already registered, you can park it until it expires. In fact, you can do an affordable way to get rid of your unwanted domain. You do not have to pay for this service at all.
  • If you do not use your parked domain for too long, it may become a page full of ads. The result of this event is slowing down performance and creating an unpleasant experience for users compared to your main domain and website.
  • Since as we said before, some people park domains in order to sell it in the future, if the domain you want to register for your website has already been purchased and parked, you can purchase it from its owner. To buy a parked domain, you can find the owner with a few simple searches, find the main website, and then negotiate.
  • If you need a domain but you do not have a web hosting account, the best way is to use a parked domain service. This service buys the domain you want and keeps it in complete security for as long as you want to use it.

Your website domain is very important for the number of visits, traffic, followers and prosperity of your business. This domain can greatly affect the perception of Internet users and their desire to enter your website. On the other hand, the domain should be such that it easily stays in the mind of the audience and fits the business and nature of your website.

Therefore, in setting up your website, it is better to determine and buy your desirable domain in the first step and keep it parked even if the content of your website or business is not ready.

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