How To Optimize WordPress Database

If your WordPress site is slow to respond, poor in performance and stuck in information processing, there is a problem with its database. However, do not be worry about that, because there is an absolute solution to these challenges; optimize WordPress database.

WordPress database optimization is the most practical ways to speed up your website. Of course, increasing the loading speed of the site is not the only advantages of optimizing the WordPress database.

In order to have a clear picture of the WordPress database and its advantages and instructions, we have to know this concept better.

What Is WordPress Database And why Does It Need To Optimization?

The database of any website is a storeroom of information, posts, images, videos, drafts, comments, likes, user information, and any action information that done in site. This storeroom becomes a crowded space without a manager who destroys the useless and bulky information sometimes.

In fact, in such a situation, it is very difficult to access the required items. As in a non-optimized database, accessing information faces challenges such as slow performance.

On the other hand, the data in the database become more and more. Therefore, the speed and quality of your website response reduced to the same extent.

Advantages Of WordPress Database Optimization

This process has many benefits for your WordPress site, the most important of which includes:

  • Easy and fast access to data by classifying them
  • Remove unnecessary and inefficient data from the database
  • Open more space to enter and store new information
  • Reduce database size and get more effective support
  • Reduce pressure on the database and process information from the site quickly
  • Create a pleasant practical experience for  your site visitors

Best Way To optimize WordPress Database

There are two ways to optimize your WordPress database. We will introduce them and teach you the instructions for using it in this content.  

Optimize WordPress Database By PhpMyAdmin Panel

This is one of the most popular ways to optimize your WordPress database. In this method, there is no need to install a special plugin and the desired tasks are done through the capabilities of C Panel. The instructions for using this technic are as follows:

  1. Enter C Panel and go to the Database section.
  2. Choose the “phpMyAdmin” option.
  3. Enter the dashboard.
  4. Focus on the desired database on the left side of the dashboard.
  5. See the database table is displayed.
  6. Select the sections you want to dig and optimize.
  7. Use the options below the database table.
  8. Open the following option and select the table optimization option, from the box below the table.
  9. This will optimize your WordPress site database.

Optimize WordPress Database By Plugins

There is an Easier way to optimize your WordPress database. is this way is to use plugins designed for that purpose. You can use plugins to delegate various responsibilities that exist on the WordPress site. In this way, tasks are performed without the possibility of error, forgetfulness or defects.

Database optimization is also done frequently with plugins, thus easing your mind. Here we introduce the most useful WordPress database optimization plugins:

  • WP Optimize plugin

WP Optimize is the most popular WordPress database optimization plugin. Since a simple algorithm is used in its design and running. The simple design used in the WP Optimize plugin has made it easy for anyone familiar with WordPress plugins and admin panel to work with.

One of the best features of this plugin is setting and specifying the time for automatic database optimization. This feature, make optimizes the database at regular time intervals without the need for your action. It is possible to set the plugin for optimization weekly, bi-weekly and monthly.

WP Optimize plugin some other advantages include:

  • control the database precisely
  • Delete all useless data such as unverified messages and spam
  • compress all images published on the site
  • Complete clearing of automatic drafts and trash entries
  • Eliminate temporary and expired choices
  • Remove WordPress pingbacks
  • Remove WordPress trackbacks
  • Clear written meta data meta and view data meta

Of course, each of these features is designed as an option in the WP Optimize plugin. You can select and run one or the entire options base on your opinion or the site necessity.

WP Optimize Plugin Instructions

WP Optimize Plugin Instructions

With WP Optimize plugin, everything is ready in advance and you do not have to do any hard operation. Thus, the installation steps of this plugin are as follows:

  1. Install this WP Optimize plugin from www.wordpress.com address.
  2.  Go to your WordPress dashboard.
  3. Select the optimizations options.
  4. Run the process.
  • Optimize Database after Deleting Revisions plugin

Optimize Database after Deleting Revisions plugin is very popular among WordPress users. This plugin is the best choice for older sites that have a flooded amount of data. One of the functionalities of this plugin is the ability to customize settings.

Other advantages of it include:

  • Optionally Database optimization exclude post, tabs and tables
  • Schedule optimization that optimizes automatically hourly, twice a day, once a day or weekly at a specific time
  • Clear transcripts of posts and pages as many recent copies as you want and delete older ones
  • Delete trash posts, pages and comments and also spams

Optimize Database After Deleting Revisions Plugin Instruction

  1. Install the plugin from www.wordpress.com address.
  2. Go to the settings in site dashboard and select the “optimize database” option.
  3. In plugin setting page, the options post, page and user request are activated to delete their copies by default.
  4. Activate any option you like to enable.
  5. Run the optimization.
  • Breeze plugin

Breeze plugin, despite its many features, is provided to users free. This plugin will help you get rid of unwanted information in a simple process.

Breeze Plugin Instruction

  1. Install the plugin from www.wordpress.com address.
  2. Go to your WordPress site dashboard.
  3. Go to Breeze plugin setting.
  4. Choose and active “optimize database” option.
  • WP-Sweep plugin

This plugin has a simple and functional system for optimizing the WordPress database. Instead of direct SQL queries, this plugin uses delete functions built into the core of WordPress. Therefore, WP-Sweep plugin performs much better cleanup than other similar plugins.

WP-Sweep Plugin Instruction

  1. Install the plugin from www.wordpress.com address.
  2. Go to your WordPress site dashboard.
  3. Go to the settings in site dashboard and select the “optimize database” option.
  4. There are several options in the plugin settings page and you can enable or disable them as you wish.
  5. Run to start the database optimization process.

Advanced Database Cleaner Plugin

Advanced Database Cleaner Plugin

This plugin, with its unique functionality, removes a significant amount of useless data. In addition, the speed of the site will never slow down with Advanced Database Cleaner plugin. Therefore, users who visit your site can get the information they want without slightest delay.

Some of the most important Advanced Database Cleaner plugin are:

  1. Establish tables
  2. Install simultaneously on multiple sites
  3. Clear old comments, drafts and spam

Advanced Database Cleaner Plugin Instruction

  1. Install the plugin from www.wordpress.com address
  2. Go to the settings in site dashboard and select the “optimize database” option.
  3. Activate the plugin.
    Click the Overview Settings tab.
  4. Click the General Clean-Up tab.
  5. Carefully check the options visible on the page and enable or disable it as you wish.
  6. Do not enable and clean the drafts and pending comments.
  7. Activate the “clean” option.

Key Points About WordPress Database Optimization

From the moment your WordPress site launches, every move made by the administrator or users on the site will occupy part of the database. Many of these data are essential for the operation of the site, and some must be constantly deleted and provide space for new data.

However, it is very important to separate these two types of information, because if the systematic data of the site lost by mistake, its retrieval is challenging.

Therefore, it is better to pay attention to some points before taking any action to optimize the database:

  • Before installing and activating the database optimization plugin, or using phpMyAdmin panel, make a backup of the site data. This is easily done through plugins designed for this purpose.
  • Learn about the nature of the WordPress database.
  • Gather as much information as you can about the database optimization ways and plugins.
  • Choose a plugin to optimize your database that fits your site’s performance and approach and meets your needs.

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